Tankar i Hatten/Thoughts in the Hat, Premiere at KF Huset 2023-08-26

“Thoughts in the Hat” is a film by Gerd Aurell and Micael Norberg. In this film Magnus Sjögren, musician and activist, tells us a love story from the past. When Magnus was in his twenties he was searching for a place to stay and he was told about an empty cabin outside Vuollerim. He drives there full of anticipation but when he arrives the curtain moves and someone peeks out. “Thoughts in the Hat” is a film about love, between two human beings, but also between a man and the forest. In the search for the rare northern orchid Nornan, these two tracks intertwine.

Director: Gerd Aurell och Micael Norberg
Producer: Gerd Aurell
Camera: Micael Norberg
Editing: Micael Norberg
Sound mix: Daniel Westman
Music: Magnus Sjögren and Norrlåtar

Production: Gerd Aurell with support from Film i Västerbotten/Lill Casslind
and UmArts, Umeå University

Sweden 2023

”Kohmelsovalsi”, trad. / Tauno Krossi: Performed by Magnus Sjögren
”Tankar i Hatten” trad/arr Norrlåtar/Birger Burman, text: Magnus Sjögren

29:00 min, 1920×1080, HD, Stereo

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