A permanent mark on a physical body

Excerpt from the publication “A permanent mark on a physical body”, 2014 (ISBN: 978-91-981846-2-4)

“Boiling down a conversation that has been ongoing for years to a few pages of text is a complicated thing to do. Boiling down experiences gathered over the span of half a lifetime is even more so. In the beginning of this project, mingling two different people’s notions of existence into one body of text seemed to provide nothing but confusion and frustration. But there turned out to be some points of connection, bright lights that started to indicate a path. It was loosely defined, sometimes lost from sight, but nonetheless a common ground. What started to emerge was a shared notion of being. A being among beings. Being aware of the creeping sensation of becoming aware through a bodily experience. Being there-ness, a sensation brought upon the flesh through needles and patterns. It could have been anything, of course. The prick of the needle is just the beginning, the thin sliver of sunlight indicating that a door has been opened. Walking through that door is a different thing altogether.”
– notes by emma ewadotter & micael norberg