Animation manual

““The Animation Manual” – Mattias Ericsson & Micael Norberg, 2012

Tryck Original, Umeå, Inlaga: Munken Lynx 150g, Omslag: Munken Lynx 300g, ISSN 1653-6193, ISBN 978-91-978914-5-5

”In cultural exchanges it’s important to find ways to take advantage of, and document the experiences gathered. There is a need to transfer these experiences to and from our respective sites. Our starting point is to create a practical artistic dialogue.

The Animation Manual is a form in where experiences are exchanged and recorded. The manual is a documentation of the work technically and practically, but also a place for documentation of the conversations and discussions that arise in the gaps, that is to say the events and discussions that occur, outside the workshop’s pre-established framework.” – micael norberg @umeå  7 December 2012