Comment penser librement à l’ombre d’une chapelle? (How can one think freely in the shadow of a chapel?)

“Comment penser librement à l’ombre d’une chapelle?(How can one think freely in the shadow of a chapel?)” – video stills – One channel video, 06.00 min video loop, HD, B/W, no sound,

“So ‘How can one think freely in the shadow of a chapel?’ as the Situationists framed it. How can we reclaim what is on its way to become lost and what should we do when even the art and the universities are being eaten alive in the shadow of new public management, elitism, new liberalism and markets forces? Is the university, education and art on the verge of becoming a part of Debords ‘spectacle’ or is it already a ‘spectacle’? Power is in one definition a ‘possession of controlling influence’. Power structures that exists around us are based on social, cultural and economic class so ‘how can one think freely in the shadow of a chapel?’. Yes, history repeats itself in new forms and in new shapes, we can only hope that we remember and learned something of our past.


“…. it really seems as though old Hegel, in the guise of the World Spirit, were directing history from the grave and, with the greatest conscientiousness, causing everything to be re-enacted twice over, once as grand tragedy and the second time as rotten farce, Caussidière for Danton, L. Blanc for Robespierre, Barthélemy for Saint-Just, Flocon for Carnot, and the moon-calf together with the first available dozen debt-encumbered lieutenants for the little corporal and his band of marshals. Thus the 18th Brumaire would already be upon us.” – 9 Marx/Engels Collected Works. International Publishers.

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