”förlora”, ”glömma”, ”minnas” och ”återfinna”

micael norberg

Snot-green, old dark blue, wine dark, brilliant turquoise, whitish green, navy blue, dishwater grey and mucky brown

Happy, Lucky and Cheerful


Cakes à la Madeleine

Benidorm 1972-03-21

longtemps, je me suis couché de bonne heure

Thoughts in the Hat


Höstljus 2022

in blazing yellow

through the looking glass into the bell jar

Good Vibes: Bananas and Cherries

he took a ballon with him as it was very late in the summer and he thought it would help

and he was fainthearted

Six versions of Gin&Tonic

Benidorm Birdmen

…och detta språk med sina begränsningar

Notes from Benidorm


micael norberg

“I lost, I misplaced my place to lean my foot on, you know, the the metal or wooden bar located along the length of the bar”

eget framtida behov

l’ennui est contre-révolutionnaire

I’m not going to tell you it will be okay

jag ropar nej, när jag kan, jag ropar ja, när jag inte vill

Med näsan i marken

wall texts

Atelier Populaire

I see myself tasting water to ensure myself on it’s liquidity.

I see myself explaining pictures to a dog

If I fall alone among the pine trees, will someone hear my fall?


Bourgeois Revolutions and Historical Materialism

Retour a la normal

Five cats


Happiness without freedom or freedom without happiness

Comment penser librement à l’ombre d’une chapelle?


A permanent mark on a physical body

Jag Buddha och Mig Själv

Me Buddha and Myself

Klockan tre är allting för sent eller för tidigt för allt det du vill göra


From a Home/Ett hem

16 Days

20 days

108 days

6 Days

1 day

Kite Aerial Photography – Hué

The animation manual

8 days

31 days

10 days

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